Hunger is Relative


Hungry. That is how I felt most of the day. All part of the process, I suppose, though I do think I’m going to modify my meal plan to include a couple hundred more calories per day. It is not because I can’t live with hunger, but rather because I hate having headaches from not eating enough.

The original meal plan consisted of five meals at three hundred calories a meal. This plan was designed for someone who was relatively sedentary. Though I wouldn’t consider myself an athlete, I probably burn more calories each day than an individual sitting at a desk. I am an owner-operator of a residential cleaning company and clean two to four houses in a day. Today we cleaned two and by the end of it I had a splitting headache. So, more calories per day it is. Instead of 300 calories per meal, I will create a 300/300/425/425/300 plan. That way I’m consuming the majority of my calories during times I burn the most.

Yoga went beautifully today. I was a little concerned with my two meals before class because in the past I have gotten really sick from eating prior to class. For whatever reason, today was not a repeat of the past and I made it through class without nausea. I did get a short-lived headache during class but I believe the two glasses of wine and very little water yesterday contributed to that. Tomorrow there is an evening class I will attend and hopefully the nausea stays away as I will have eaten at least three meals by then.

I was also really pleased with the self-control I was able to exhibit today in class. Friends and family have told me that I push myself too hard and make my life harder by doing so. I fixate. My yoga practice reflects this and I often find myself pushing into a pose without activating the correct muscles, thereby missing out on the incredible benefits of each pose. You can imagine my surprise when today I was able to just focus on each step of each pose; no rushing, no fixating. I hope that tomorrow and the days to follow hold more of the same. 

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