The Night Before It All Begins


As I sit here taking inventory of all the goings on in 2013, I realize that I’ve developed quite the collection of cobwebs settling on the corners of my goals and dreams. Up until May of this year, it was all I could do to keep my head above water. Typical issues – bills, work, money, home repairs, etc. Nothing major, nothing out of the ordinary. Funny how those seemingly mundane stresses can set the stage for such a disconnected reality.

It has been months since I really focused on myself and on ways to make my life more fulfilling. I have always struggled with my weight and consequently have become increasingly uncomfortable in my own skin. 2013 was not a year to overcome such struggles. I spent the entire summer eating low-nutrient food and indulging in high-calorie treats. I rationalized this behavior with the excuse that my job is physically demanding and that I had earned every calorie I was devouring.

Truth is, I deserve so much more.

I deserve to spend time with myself everyday and to take care of this precious vessle that houses my heart and my soul. I deserve to feel good at the end of the day instead of feeling like someone took a baseball bat to my back. I deserve to be free of the sweet and addictive deliciousness of sugar. I deserve to be happy!

So, it’s time to clean house and get these cobwebs out. For four months, I am making it my goal to spend at least 90 minutes a day in a blazingly hot yoga room, sweating out the cobwebs of Fear, Addiction, Rationalization, and Passive Self-Loathing. For four months, I am making it my goal to eat five healthy meals a day instead of a medium meal at some random point in the afternoon and a disgustingly large meal between the hours of nine and midnight.

Won’t you join me on my cleaning spree?