Double Trouble


I have a new love for doubles. Back-to-back yoga classes, that is. Sunday was my second attempt at doing classes back-to-back, and I have to say, it may be my new addiction. It is incredibly exhilarating, draining, and euphoric. I started doing doubles because I wanted to take Mondays off from yoga so my body could recover. Well, now I think I am going to start doing them a couple of times a week. I will keep Mondays as my rest day though.

As far as my progress with my diet and lifestyle change, things have gone really well. I am down exactly 10 lbs since starting this blog and, with some very dedicated instructors, am able to get into and out of poses much easier and with more control. I have reached a point in the diet change where I am either not hungry at inappropriate times or can manage through whatever craving I’m experiencing.